The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories

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If many of the stories in The Minority Report and Other Classic Stories seem familiar it’s because quite a few of them were reworked into the novels Dick wrote during his prolific period in the mid-60s.

Elements from “The Mold of Yancy” were used in The Penultimate Truth, “Novelty Act” was folded into The Simulacra, “What the Dead Men Say” became Ubik, “The Days of Perky Pat” was used as a basis for The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch and news clown Jim Briskin from “Stand-by” and its sequel “What’ll We Do with Ragland Park” is a prominent character in The Crack in Space.

The only TV adaptation from this collection comes from “Autofac” for season one of Electric Dreams, and “The Minority Report” is the only one to be adapted as a movie, although it’s probably his most well-known. 

Only a few like “Autofac” and “The Unreconstructed M” are kind of clunky (or too long like “What the Dead Men Say”), but Dick has really hit his amphetamine-fuelled stride at this point and most of the stories are well worth the read.