A lot of the information on this site comes from the thorough notes at philipkdickfans.com. If you are interested in the life of Philip K. Dick beyond his novels and stories I highly recommend Lawrence Sutin’s PKD biography Divine Invasions.

Icons in the illustration come from the The Noun Project.

Orbit by Proletkult Graphik
Moon by Pedro Vidal
Bottle by Erbil Sivaslioglu
Skull by Tim Piper
Time by Richard de Vos
Playing Cards by Marcela Abbade
solar system by misirlou
Toe Tag by Daniel Szecket
Teleportation by Julien Deveaux
Brain by Gilad Fried
Maze by Jakub Ukrop
Ghost by Mike Wirth
Raygun by Vincent Tanara
Globe by Chris Tucker
Pill by Lucian Novosel
Medicine by Jardson Almeida
Cigarette by Collectif Intro
bible by Dan Hetteix
Book by Dan Hetteix
Microchip by Michael Wohlwend
Money by Nate Eul
Computer by Matthew Hawdon
Mind Blowing by Luis Prado
Brainwash by Luis Prado
Rocket by Chris Kerr
Coins by Simple Icons
Helmet by Ruben Verhasselt
Atomic by André Luiz Gollo
Satellite by Iain Hector
Thinking by Jens Tärning
missile by Shailendra Chouhan
Graffiti by Alexander James Wright
electronic device by Lucas Rod
Ying Yang by Piotr Gawiński
Radio by O4Design