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The Exegesis: Letter to Claudia Bush, July 13, 1974

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick
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In a second letter to Claudia Dick tells her about more dreams. In addition to the mysterious book he dreamt about the Cumaean Sibyl and a Cyclops. This leads him to Virgil’s Aeneid and an exploration of Greek and Roman myths. 

The sibyl tells him in a dream whoever broke into his home in San Rafael in 1971 and 1972 was looking for papers related to his friend Bishop Jim Pike. 

The Exegesis: Letter to Claudia Bush, July 5, 1974

The glossary notes Claudia Bush was a grad student at Idaho State University who corresponded with Dick while working on her master’s thesis. 

In a letter to her Dick tells her about a dream he had that was trying to direct him to a book of some significance. All he could see in the dream was a hardbound blue book with a title that ended in the word ‘Grove.’ He eventually finds a book in his library that matches this description, a biography of Warren G. Harding called The Shadow of Blooming Grove, but it turns out to be ‘the dullest book in the world.’ In a postscript he tells Claudia to never take dreams too seriously.