The Exegesis: Perturbations in the reality field

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick
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May 1978

Dick tries to make sense of “perturbations” in the “reality field” but seems mostly concerned with what the terms mean. 

If the generated reality field isn’t real than we are not real and are inseparable from the space-time we are a part of. 

His novel Flow my Tears tells the story of what will come to be which is the restoration of the divine woman aka God’s holy wisdom. 

Dick read the 1960 French counterculture / conspiracy theory book The Morning of the Magician which reinforced his idea of pop culture trash as a perfect form of subversive underground communication. Pop culture has such wide exposure that nothing could be traced back to the receivers, only the sender. It would be best if the creator of the media was subliminally influenced and ignorant of the messages they were encoding in their work.

Dick recognizes that he told the same story over and over again in Eye in the Sky, The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, Ubik, Time Out of Joint, and A Maze of Death. A group of characters mass hallucinates a fake world just as he thinks people are mass hallucinating 1970s California on top of ancient Rome. 

Spurred on by The Morning of the Magician he revisits his idea that Flow My Tears is living information that will take root in the minds of its readers. He wonders what the narrative would be that would allow us to see all the layers of time. 

Dick’s balking was a moral choice. He saw it as wrong to engage with the phony world once he was aware of it, but that doesn’t mean he can’t still be punished. He suspects he was programmed to discover he was programmed.