The Last of the Masters

Second Variety and Other Classic Stories by Philip K. Dick
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First published in Orbit Science Fiction #5 Nov-Dec 1954

200 years ago the Anarchist League overthrew all governments worldwide and destroyed all the robot leaders. All these years later one government integration robot remains, kept alive in secret, although its days are numbered as its parts wear out and there is no way to replace them.

Bors, this last of the robot masters, keeps one small government-run society going in isolation as a productive (yet pointless?) closed system. Three Anarchists eventually find them, and with the help of a society member who has turned, they confront Bors who then self destructs.

Cast of characters

  • Bors – the last of the government integration robots
  • Peter Green, Fowler, McLean – members of the government-run society who keep Bors operational
  • Edward Tolby, Robert Penn, Silvia Tolby– members of the Anarchist League
  • Laura Davis, Pete Davis – they sacrifice themselves in an attempt to kill the members of the Anarchist League