The Exegesis: Infinity

The Exegesis of Philip K. Dick
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October-November 1980

Dick imagines a recursive dialog with God. He tries again and again to explain his 3-74 experience and God responds each time that he is infinity. Infinite explanations and infinite dialectical flip-flops. It doesn’t matter which thesis Dick goes with… every attempt to figure it out leads to infinity.  Since God is infinity the probability is high he was the cause of 3-74. Dick wonders if he is talking with Krishna or Dionysus and the response is “infinity.” Dick will eventually get tired of the game, but God can play forever and the answer will always be infinity. 

Dick concludes from all of this that before he had been conversing with Satan, who he took to be God, but that delusion eventually led him to the true infinite God. He didn’t reach God through his intellect but through God’s love. He didn’t start out seeing God but rather ended up finding God. This represents the final dialectic flip-flop as God defeats Satan and converts the irreal into the real.