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The Little Movement

Paycheck and Other Classic Stories by Philip K. Dick
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First published in Fantasy & Science Fiction Nov 1952

By infiltrating the homes of children a group of sentient toys plots to take over the world (or something along those lines) until a second group of toys manages to stop them. This one is as absurd as it sounds.

Cast of characters

  • My Lord – a sentient toy soldier. Part of a larger group of toys with plans of world domination
  • Bobby – the boy who ends up in possession of My Lord
  • Bonzo, Fred, Teddo – the other sentient toys who thwart My Lord and his evil machinations

War Game

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First published in Galaxy Dec 1959

Leon Wiseman is in charge of making sure imported Ganymedean toys are safe for human children. His preoccupation with an ultimately benign group of toy soldiers that storms a citadel allows a Monopoly-like board game to slip through the approval process with ironic results. The end of this one made me laugh.

Cast of characters

  • Leon Wiseman – works at the Terran Import Bureau of Standards
  • Fowler – Wiseman’s boss
  • Pinario – works in the testing labs of the Import Bureau
  • Joe Hauck – sales manager at a toy store
  • Bobby and Lora Hauck – Joe Hauck’s children